January 04, 2010

Difficult trip to Whole Foods

Just got back from Whole Foods. Exhausted.
I usually shop on Thursdays. Those who work there that day know the drill with my refillable jars. But we were gone over the New Years weekend and came back to an empty pantry and refrigerator. I had to go shopping today, Monday...
- The cheese guy stared at me and my 2 jars as I read in his eyes that he believed I was mad. After 10 minutes of debating, cutting one type of cheese from its wheel and fitting it in the 1st jar, I ask for Parmesan... to make it easier on himself, he unwraps a cling wrapped piece and puts it in my 2nd jar. I give up with this guy. That's cheating, I know!
- The deli guy came to me with my ham wrapped in a plastic baggie... what in "please put one pound of ham in this jar" as I handed him an empty, did he not get?
- The meat guy told me to go talk to the "shifty" at customer service to inquire whether putting a whole chicken in the oilcloth bags that I plan on making would meet their health standards.
- The "shifty" told me that she had to check into it, and would call me back within a few days. No answer comes easy...
- The cashier guy got the tare of the shrimp filled jar off by 1lb, glad I caught that one (a $10 difference)
- Boy! do I find these stares and questions tiring: sometimes I just wish the world of shopping would change instantly... I just want to shop anonymously...

Well, at least the beginning of the morning went well. I returned the few new items I received for Xmas, dropped off a large bag of clothes and house miscellaneous at Goodwill, took some packing material to UPS for them to reuse, and stopped at Ben Franklin for some candle wicks (they sell it by the yard and I need to make more votives) and that oilcloth I had been looking for. I bought a yard of it and if Whole Foods gets back to me with the bad news that an oilcloth bag (with a fabric insert) could not be used to wrap a whole chicken, then I'll use it to make lunch bags and baguette sandwich wraps for my kids and hubby. More on that later.