November 03, 2011

Share with us!

There I was yesterday (my scheduled blog day), in a strapless dress, sitting on the sunny deck with my computer, squirrels and hummingbirds hopping and chirping all around me. I did not want to be blogging, I just wanted to celebrate and enjoy the most beautiful day of fall (maybe the last) with them.

Want to take my place writing?

Ever since I started this blog, you have shown a great deal of patience and understanding reading through my posts of frustrations, growing pains, and self discovery.

Sometimes you relate to my stories, sometimes you do not, but through the comments we connect, and support each other. Yet, comments only offer a glance at your personal journey.

I invite you to share further with us by submitting your story (zerowastestory at gmail dot com) of 750 words or less in the body of an email (no text attachment please), with a picture attached of you, or whatever would illustrate your words. Let us know what got you started, what keeps you going, what your biggest challenge is (or was), or all of the above. The possibilities are infinite.

I'll alternate my posts with guest articles each week.