April 16, 2013

Our Bulk Locator App is out!

Tired of fiddling with packaging? Want to help the environment? Shopping the package-free aisles can 
also save you time and money, but only if you know where to find them! 

When I started my Zero Waste journey, I had no idea that bulk bins even existed in my town. Then when I found them and realized that I could eliminate all food packaging by solely relying on them, I came to dream of a smartphone "app" that could locate nearby bulk suppliers. The prize money that I received for winning The Green Awards (thanks to your support) allowed me to realize my dream and

provide Zero Waste enthusiasts a valuable resource. After a long year of design, development and testing, it is my pleasure to finally present you with BULK, Zero Waste Home's app, designed to help you eliminate packaging from your life, by pointing to bulk food bins and liquid refills near you - and letting you share the locations that you find with others!

The app is available in the iTunes App Store and Android Market and itfeatures include:
  • Search, add and rate bulk locations (US and Canada), including selection available and whether or not reusable containers are permitted
  • Locate businesses closest to you or a specific address
  • Narrow your search by bulk type (are you looking to refill on body care, dog food, wine?)
  • Build a bulk-shopping kit through Zero Waste Home's store
  • Consult a bulk food guide to learn how to prepare bulk food items
  • Read Community Updates from ZeroWasteHome.com

As of yesterday some 175 Users were already using it and have entered 
120 Places. But we need YOU, the entire Zero Waste Community to populate it, to share those locations that you have found along your journey. Here is what to do:  
  • Download the app
  • Add your locations
  • Rate existing locations
  • Report an issue if you find a problem with a location ("Report Issue" at the bottom of the location page)
  • Rate the app...positively of course;) so that others will be inspired to add and rate locations!
Where have you found bulk bins? (Answer this question by entering locations in the app!)