November 12, 2013

Ponytail holder update...

Scott gave you an update on the app, I want to give you one on my ponytail holder story...

In that post, I set out to share with you how one ponytail holder was enough for me: How when we live with less, we better track and care for our belongings, including trivial items. I shared how the same ponytail holder has served my needs for close to a year, and why I was considering switching to French metal barrettes when it wears out.  But then, many of you commented, emailed instructions on how to make my own or offered to send me their extras ;)
"When it eventually gives out, go onto Freecycle and see if you can find someone who will give you just one ponytail holder. Heck, I have too many ponytail holders - unused, even - and need to purge. I'll send you one if you like!"
I realized that I failed as a blogger to get my point across. Heck, The point of that post was not to beg for extras nor do I need Freecycle for a ponytail holder: I can just bend down and pick one up from the street if I choose to keep wearing them... they are everywhere. I have since collected visual proof for fun.

I have found 100 hair things... in parking lots (the most common place), in national parks, at the beach, on a public bathroom floor, on a university campus, on sidewalks, during Coastal Cleanup... a renter left one hanging on my nightlight, a friend dropped one on my steps 😉

What did I do with all of these? I picked them up and donated them.  But I did put one aside for a good use..

I had been waiting three years to grow enough hair (i.e., a 10-inch ponytail) to be able to donate it. This week, I reused an envelope to ship it off to Art of Wigs, which upcycles hair into wigs for cancer patients (it's the only company I found that would recycle hair that has been highlighted in the past). 
If you live in Europe, here is another option for you.

We usually compost our family's hair but I found putting it to a good use to be so much more satisfying... And my shorter hair, has already saved me on shampoo, conditioner, water and electricity! It's all good 😉

What will you be upcycling this week?