September 12, 2014

The Beauty of Zero Waste: Turkey

Our break is over, the kids are back in school and it is already with nostalgia that I look at our summer's photo album.

Every year, our travels take us to visit my family in France, but this time, we added spice to our trip with a hop to Turkey. Everywhere, from the big city of Istanbul to the small town of Bodrum, we found bulk displayed in most beautiful ways.

May these images inspire you to open your own Zero Waste store!

But unpackaged local goods present themselves sometimes in unexpected way. When our captain foraged an octopus for dinner, we used its ink to play and draw.

Once you gain a selective vision for package-free items, you see them everywhere!

Did you discover bulk during your summer's travels?

For more pictures of the bulk that I discover during my travels, check out my Twitter and Instagram feed @zerowastehome, #bulkisbeautiful.